About us

Querida Alpaca is a family business.

Our team: Mechthild, plant manager Maximilian, Christoph, Camilla, Sebastian and our high-motivated „Alpaca dog “, Balu. We began 2001 with a training, with one the first Alpakabreeder in organizational preparations long Germany after and necessary restructuring of our agricultural enterprise, which had before times the cattle breeding (mother cow attitude) as acquisition basis, transferred we finally in the year 2007 on the Alpaca breeding. Today we hold still some meat cattle on that altogether approx. for 30ha effective area, this serve however, like the 4 horses and 4 Kashmir goats to the pasture care. We offer outstanding breeding animals, above all dark colours, cover service with first-class males and naturally to consultation approximately around animal selection, breed, attitude and feeding. After our knowledge we are the only Alpakazuchtbetrieb that the animals also are in the "naturland federation". Thus nothing stands for the permission in one of the bio federations against with our animals (landscape conservation). If you ask or suggestions for us have, send you their proposal-simply by email at us.